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2017 Online Coaching Series


There are countless incredible opportunities to learn about working with horses in online formats. 

How do you choose?  How do you know which course will give you what you most need?

This question of how do you choose is at the heart of what this course is about.  Most of us ask some variation of this question in relation to our horses all the time!  How do we know if what we are doing is working for our horse? The answer to that question is simple enough, we ask our horse.  In this class you will learn how to reacquaint yourself with your innate ability to be in direct communication with your horse.

·      Learn to be grounded in a way that allows you to connect to others, rather than to separate and protect yourself from others.

·      Develop self-awareness around being fully embodied.  This is how we

develop and make use of our capacity to feel and interpret deeper meanings.

·       Learn how to engage in self-inquiry:  understanding how to work with bodily sensations and emotions as information and communication.

·       Empathic overwhelm and understanding why we feel what we feel.

·       Become conscious of what is being communicated through body language and beyond.

·       Chronic stress and PTSD influence our nervous system and impact our ability to connect and communicate.  How do we recognize these issues are present and resolve them?

·      Self-care and self-healing practices:  practical tools that can become daily practice to feed yourself first so that you can be more available for others.

·      Learn how to receive insight, inspiration, or what some might call

divine guidance in what you do with your horse:  practices for being open to the possibilities that go beyond our current knowledge.

We live in an unprecedented time for horses.  Finally, enough evidence has come to light that even scientists are willing to acknowledge, all beings (even plants) are sentient, intelligent, experience emotions, have social structures and even form communities.  These are qualities long reserved only for humankind and maybe primates and some birds.  Of course those of us who spend our lives in the company of horses knew this all along.  I’m sure I’m not alone in planting my face in my palm and saying “well, duh,” every time a new ‘study’ arrives on the scene proving another level of complexity in how horses think, feel and experience the world.

As all this ‘new’ information comes to light, many question how this changes our responsibility to the non-human animals we share our lives with.  In the horse world there is now a morass of often violently conflicting information about what is and is not ethical in regards to what we do or don’t do with our horses.  I have watched the ‘industry’ change dramatically in the 25+ years I have been an equine professional.  It’s a great relief to see things moving in the direction I always tended anyway.  However, at times it has been enormously stressful to figure out how to earn a living working with horses and still feel good about what I’m doing.  I need to feel as though I’m operating with integrity.

It’s been a long journey, fraught with confusion, disillusionment, frustration, heartache and more.   I’ve been fortunate to find coaches and guides over the years who had a more compassionate bent from the outset, but found it never worked to try to be like someone else.  Ultimately I have found my way by learning to listen to the horses and letting them guide me to what works for them.  Every horse and every human is unique.  The tasks are to find what works for us as individuals and what helps us come together in harmony and with ease. This course provides a safe container to form a community of fellow seekers; I hope you’ll join us!

The Nitty-Gritty

The course will consist of 15 2-week sessions with one week in between sessions for integration time.  Participants will be invited to join an online forum where explorations and information for each session will be posted on the first day of the session.  The forum then provides a central place for the posting/sharing of thoughts, questions and ideas among participants and myself. This is not a live-chat course, it’s intentionally designed so that you can go at your own pace, digesting only what feels nourishing for you in the moment. The content of the course will be available in the form of a printed or downloadable workbook that encompasses the entire year. 

My goal for this series is to provide explorations that feel supportive and nourishing, no stress and no pressure.  Participants are encouraged to follow their intuition and listen to their body’s feedback throughout, only joining in on what resonates with them and only taking in an amount of information that is supportive. 

Each session will consist of information and explorations focused on helping us access our own health, strength and resources as a priority.  Next, we’ll take these explorations into learning to recognize what our horses are communicating with us.  Finally, we will utilize this new awareness in our interactions with our horses, doing whatever we do with them anyway. 

We will learn how to engage in activities with our horses that are mutually agreed upon, mutually enjoyable and mutually sustainable through engaging in practices that bring us back to ourselves.  The support of the practices and the community we form helps us keep coming back to that place of knowing that is unassailable. Now we can have the relationship with our horse that is uniquely ours, free of inner conflict based on the opinions of others.

The herd and I are excited to share our perspective with all of you!       Andrea

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